2023 League Awards

The Queen City Roller Girls closed out their 16th home season with their annual awards banquet. The full list of winners is below (Bold indicates winners, italics indicates nominees).

League Awards

MVP Blocker
The Hammer
MVP Jammer
$pazz-manian She-Devil
Rookie of the Year

Team Awards

Lake Effect Furies: I’m Still Standing (Most Improved)
Mini Fridge
Lake Effect Furies: Winter is Coming (Whatever it Takes)
Low-Hits Griffin & Cooper (tie)
Lake Effect Furies: Hazy Shade of Winter (Team Spirit)
The Hammer
Saucies: MVP Blocker
Saucies: MVP Pivot
Saucies: MVP Jammer
$pazz-manian She-Devil
Saucies: All-Around Teammate
Cleo Smack-Ya
Alley Kats: MVP Jammer
Suzannascorus Rex
Alley Kats: MVP Blocker / Coolest Cat
Alley Kats: Most Improved
Goremay Biscuit
Alley Kats: Rookie of the Year
Grass Hoppa
Devil Dollies: Deal with the Devil (Most Improved)
Devil Dollies: Devil on your Shoulder (Best Communication)
The Hammer
Devil Dollies: Devil in a Disguise (Under the Radar)
Ratchety Andi & Arabian Knight (tie)
Buffalo Herd: Heart of the Herd
Nicky Needles
Buffalo Herd: Most Valuable NSO
Voodoo Child
Buffalo Herd: Hawkeye (Sees the Most Penalties)
Buffalo Herd: Great Busy Dude
Giant Boy Detective
Queen’s Court: Rising Star / MVP
Queen’s Court: Court Warrior (Battle Attitude)d
Grass Hoppa
Queen’s Court: Spirit of the Court
Jelly Bomb

Other Awards

Twinkle Toes (Most Likely to Tip-Toe Through the Pack)
Jiffy Pop
THe Wall (Most Likely to Hold Back an Entire Pack)
The Hammer
The Chameleon (Most Versatile)
Grace Under Fire (Most Calm Under Stress)
Senor Wiener
Little Dynamite (Small but Packs a Bang)
Mini Fridge
Stealthiest Double Threat (Best Jamming by a Blocker)
Megaphone of the Year (Pack Communication)
Smells Like Team Spirit
Knot Nice
Busy Bee Skater (Does Most for the League)
Most Humble Badass
Cleo Smack-Ya
PR Heroes
Giant Boy Detective
Wrecks Kitten
Brie Eloise