2016 League Awards

The Queen City Roller Girls closed out their 10th home season with their annual awards banquet. The full list of winners is below (Bold indicates winners, italics indicates nominees). Photos of the Event can be found via Andy Foremiak.

League Awards

MVP Blockers
Furies: Bricks Hit-House
Sirens: Chickadeemolish
Home Teams: Chickadeemolish
MVP Pivots
Furies: Pepper Stix
Sirens: Celery STALK-Her
Home Teams: Half-Pint Destroyer
MVP Jammers
Furies: Librawlian
Sirens: Double Barryl
Home Teams: Double Barryl
Rookie of the Year
Veggy Cowgirl
Best Hit
Glitter Bomb (League Spirit)
Tuesday Hula
Camera Hog
Flame Throw-Her
Gnarliest Injury
Sigourney Cleaver
Best Bout Face
Tabrina Schreier
Stealth Mode
Stinkiest Gear
Senor Wiener

Team Awards

Lake Effect Furies: The Icicle (Cool Under Pressure)
Pepper Stix
Lake Effect Furies: The Snowflake (Unsung Hero)
Midnyt Maniac
Lake Effect Furies: The Yeti (Exemplifies the Furies)
Subzero Sirens: The Mythical Beast
Subzero Sirens: Ice Queen
Double Barryl
Subzero Sirens: SubHERO
Alley Kats: Katcalls
Ana Killingspree
Alley Kats: Purrrrfect Pussy
Arti Choker
Alley Kats: Kat Out of the Bag
Devil Dollies: Silent But Deadly
Erin Go Braless
Devil Dollies: Fallen Angel
Jules Burn
Devil Dollies: Heart of the Devil
Lip Service
Suicidal Saucies: Mild Sauce
Val Du Morte
Suicidal Saucies: Medium Sauce
Chet UpStandUp
Suicidal Saucies: Hot Sauce
Beatrix Boom
Queen’s Court: Sneak Attack
Mortu Mary
Queen’s Court: Rising Star
Bilbo Bruisins
Queen’s Court: Court Spirit
Buffalo Herd: Honorary Herd
Buffalo Herd: Graceful Bison
Giant Bot Detective
Buffalo Herd: Shaggy Hump
Free Bacon

Other Awards

Lifetime Achievement Award
Tabrina Schreier
Chairman’s Awards
Boo D. Bloxx
Giant Boy Detective
League Pillars
Free Bacon
Lip Service
Voodoo Child
Ivy Pusher
Volunteer Hours Winners
Voodoo Child (Winner)
Ray Jay (68 Hours)
Tuesday Hula (64 Hours)
Head Huntress (63 Hours)