2013 League Awards

QCRG League Awards from the 2013 season. Bold indicates winners, italics indicates nominees.

League Awards

Most Valuable Skater
Dreamline Jammer
Dreamline Pivot
Pepper Stix
Dreamline Blockers
Lamb Chop
Vajenna Warrior
Rookie of the Year
Most Valuable Volunteer
Mama Chops

Team Awards

Lake Effect Furies: The Icicle
Ivana LeiHerOut
Lake Effect Furies: The Yeti
Lake Effect Furies: The Snowflake
HerHeiny Granger
Alley Kats: Hiss Factor
Knockin’ Das Boots
Alley Kats: Lionsheart
Bang GRRrang
Alley Kats: Hell Cat
Evil-Lyn Cognito
Devil Dollies: Dark Alley
Day TripHer
Devil Dollies: Give the Devil Her Due
Black Lizzard
Devil Dollies: Silent But Deadly
Bette Curass
Devil Dollies: Award
June CleaveHer
Nickel City Knockouts: Most Improved Attitude
Liquid Courage
Nickel City Knockouts: Perfect Attendance
Legs Luther
Nickel City Knockouts: Wonder Woman
Crazy Legs
Suicidal Saucies: Mild Sauce
Suicidal Saucies: Medium Sauce
Wrecks Kitten
Suicidal Saucies: Hot Sauce
Head Huntress & Alli Snatcher
Buffalo Herd: Herd Award
Senor Wiener
Buffalo Herd: NSO of the Year
Buffalo Herd: Questionator
Legs Luther
Queen’s Court: Mentor of the Year
Ace Bandage
Queen’s Court: Most Improved
Queen’s Court: Future Star
Shank Ya Very Much

Other Awards

Lifetime Achievement Award
Diamond Crusher
QCRG Spirit Award
Mama Chops
Chairman’s Award
Vajenna Warrior
Toxic Shocker
Low-Hits Griffin
Free Bacon
Pain Jacobs
Ambassador’s Award
Joe Mac
Best Boutfit (Outfit)
Dr. Dementer
Best Bout Face
Knockin’ Das Boots
Best Dance Moves
Alley Kats
Best Hit
Vajenna Warrior on Rideau Valley Jammer
Top Chef