2012 League Awards

QCRG League Awards from the 2012 season. Bold indicates winners, italics indicates nominees.

League Awards

Most Valuable Skater
Day TripHer
Evil-Lyn Cognito
Ruby Revenge
Dreamline Jammer
Pepper Stix
Evil-Lyn Cognito
B.J. HARMstrong
Day TripHer
B’Kini Whacks
Dreamline Pivot
Lip Service
Jaded Sins’Ability
Wrecks Kitten
M’Lady BeatHer
Dreamline Blockers
Lamb Chop
Vajenna Warrior
Vanilla Creamz
Babe Lincoln
Midnyt Maniac
Head Huntress
Lip Service
Maggie de Sade
Ivana LeiHerOut
Stormie Weather
Busty Pipes
Juanita Hurtya
Bully Holliday
Val Du More
Rookie of the Year
Abercrombie & Fists
Head Huntress
Low-Hits Griffin
Wicca’d D’Meaner
Most Valuable Volunteer
Senor Wiener
Fetishly Divine
Papa Wow

Team Awards

Lake Effect Furies: The Cucumber
B’Kini Whacks
Lake Effect Furies: The Yeti
Pepper Stix
Lake Effect Furies: Unsung Hero
Day TripHer
Alley Kats: Freshest Out o’ the Litter Box (Rookie of the Year)
Wicca’d D’Meaner
Alley Kats: Most Bad Assed Injury
Alley Kats: Secret Weapon
Knockin’ Das Boots
Devil Dollies: Dark Alley
Red Fox
Devil Dollies: Give the Devil Her Due
Mae Plower
Devil Dollies: Silent But Deadly
The French Confection
Devil Dollies: Super Trooper
Nickel City Knockouts: All-American KO
B.J. HARMstrong
Nickel City Knockouts: Paleo-riffic KO
Hyper Bean
Nickel City Knockouts: The Mouth
Sasa Skank
Suicidal Saucies: Mild Sauce (Silent But Saucie)
Suicidal Saucies: Hot Sauce (The Sauciest)
Sheer Tara
Suicidal Saucies: Suicidal Sauce (Most Intense Sauce)
Homicidal Barbie
Buffalo Herd: Most Deserving Ref
Senor Wiener
Buffalo Herd: Most Deserving NSO
Colt 40-Jive
Buffalo Herd: WTF
Lamb Chop
Queen’s Court: Mentor of the Year
HerHeiny Granger
Queen’s Court: Most Improved
Freya Train
Queen’s Court: Ultimate Queen of Diamonds
Boo D. Bloxx

Other Awards

Lifetime Achievement Award
Fetishly Divine
QCRG Spirit Award
Sissy Fit & Stormie Weather
Chairman’s Award
Diamond Crusher
Boo D. Bloxx
Committee of Committees: 110% Award
Matt Widmann
Fan Vote: Favorite Blocker
Lamb Chop
Fan Vote: Favorite Jammer
Day TripHer
Fan Vote: Favorite Referee
Senor Wiener
Fan Vote: Favorite Bout
Hell on Wheels
Best Boutfit (Outfit)
HerHeiny Granger as Disco Duck
Sheer Tara
Claire Violence 3 days before birth
B-17’s Glitter Shorts
Best Hit
Lamb Chop on B’Kini Whacks
Stormie Weather on Juanita Hurtya
Babe Lincoln on Nova Cain
Lip Service on Toots McGee