2011 League Awards

QCRG League Awards from the 2011 season. Bold indicates winners, italics indicates nominees.

League Awards

Most Valuable Skater
Addy Rawl
Dr. Dementer
Lip Service
Vajenna Warrior
Dreamline Jammer
Addy Rawl
B’Kini Whacks
Celery STALK-her
Pepper Stix
Dreamline Pivot
Lip Service
Dr. Dementer
Ruby Revenge
Dreamline Blockers
Lamb Chop
Vajenna Warrior
B.J. HARMstrong
Banana RamYa!
Busty Pipes
R. Rose Selavy
SooKee Tsujimoto
Crazy Legs
Stormie Weather
Vanilla Creamz
Rookie of the Year
Day TripHer
Un-Sena Mental
Most Valuable Volunteer
Mama Chops

Team Awards

Lake Effect Furies: The Icicle
Pepper Stix
Lake Effect Furies: The Yeti
Lip Service
Lake Effect Furies: Unsung Hero
R. Rose Selavy
Alley Kats: Most Improved
Evil-Lyn Cognito
Alley Kats: Nicest Ass-est
Ivana LeiHerOut
Alley Kats: Secret Weapon
Devil Dollies: Deviled Ham
Cherry Aire
Devil Dollies: Give the Devil Her Due
Val Du Morte
Devil Dollies: How’d That Work For You?
French Confection
Devil Dollies: The Devil in the Details
Pepper Stix
Nickel City Knockouts: MVVRP
Ruby Revenge
Nickel City Knockouts: Not So Secret Weapon
Toots McGee
Nickel City Knockouts: World’s Greatest
Sour Grapes
Suicidal Saucies: Mild Sauce (Silent but Saucy)
Sissy Fit
Suicidal Saucies: Hot Sauce (Sauciest Personality)
Sheer Tara
Suicidal Saucies: Suicidal Sauce (Most Intense Sauce)
Stormie Weather
Buffalo Herd: Ref Takedown Award
Fran DeckHer
Buffalo Herd: Most Deserving NSO
Buffalo Herd: WTF
Midnyt Maniac
Queen’s Court: Mentor of the Year
Lindy Ref
Queen’s Court: Most Improved
Cuban Mistress Crisis
Queen’s Court: Future Star
Alli Snatcher

Other Awards

Lifetime Achievement Award
Dr. Dementer
Committee of Committee 110% Awards
Boo D. Bloxx
Most Points Scored
Pepper Stix
Fan Vote: Favorite Derby Girl
Addy Rawl
Fan Vote: Favorite Official/Announcer
Mama Chops
Fan Vote: Best Bout
Best Dance Moves
Lip Service
Celery STALK-her
Mexicali Bruise
Best Hit
Maggie de Sade hits Casual Sexist under the scoreboard table
The Bombs & BJ HARMStrong take out Knockin’ Das Boots and KonichiWOW
Lip Service backwards block on Evil-Lyn Cognito
WestEnd Ripper taking out KonichiWOW