Interested in Officiating?

Our officials, the Buffalo Herd, help ensure our games are played safely and officiated clearly. We are always on the look out for any guy or gal who is interested in helping us meet this goal, whether they want to be on skates or not!

What does a skating official do?

Skating officials are on skates, and are responsible to awarding points and ensuring the game is played within the rules. Officials are required to meet all of the same skating skills requirements that our skaters are, in addition to learning the rules of flat track roller derby, and practicing different positions at Herd and league practices.

Photo by Rene van Ee
On the track, skating officials cover a handful of distinct positions. Outside and Inside Pack Officials are responsible for watching the pack and assessing penalties as needed. Additionally, the inside pack referees define the pack itself. Jam Officials follow the jammers, determining lead jammer status, when points have been scored and relaying those scores to scorekeepers for recording.

Potential officials would attend the same practices or boot camp as new skaters before passing their skating assessments. While working on their skating skills, they also begin working with the Herd, learning non-skating official positions, the rules, and working as part of our crew. Herd members are also full QCRD members, helping to run and operate the league. Officials may also eventually have opportunities to officiate at games throughout the region – not just QCRD home games.

What does a non-skating official do?

Photo by Rene van Ee
Even if you never take up a pair of skates (or if you’re still working on your skating skills), you can help out on the track as a non-skating official. NSOs are responsible for numerous, important game duties, including tracking penalties, managing the penalty box, and tracking statistics. NSO positions fall into a handful of ‘families’.

  • Score and Timing – These positions include the scorekeepers, the scoreboard operator, and the jam timer.
  • Penalty Box Management – These positions include the penalty timers and the penalty box manager.
  • Penalty Tracking – These positions include the penalty wrangler, and the the penalty & lineup trackers.

New NSOs learn their skills at league scrimmages and through additional training opportunities. As with skating officials, they may eventually have opportunities to officiate games throughout the region, and they also act as full, QCRD members.

How do I sign up?

Anyone interested in joining the herd should contact the Buffalo Herd at to get started!

Photo by Rene van Ee