Western New York's Official Women's Flat Track Roller Derby

Recreation League – Rec’n Royals

recnroyalsLooking for some R&R but can’t commit to a team? Come join the Rec’n Royals. Designed for former WFTDA players who love the game but don’t have the time, the Rec’n Royals meet once a week to skate and scrimmage in a fun, safe environment.

Members must pass a minimum skate assessment (details TBD). Equipment needed includes helmet, mouth guard, elbow pads, wrist guards, knee pads, and skates (all required).


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to join a committee or volunteer for QCRG to be in Rec.?
No! Rec’n Royals requires no commitment to QCRG in the ways of volunteer hours, or committee participation. There is no attendance policy. You are free to come and skate as you chose.

What does it cost to play?
Monthly dues are $20 a month. WFTDA insurance is not required.

Photo by Jim Bush

Photo by Jim Bush

What if I’ve never played before, can I join Rec.?
No. If you have never played before and are looking to learn, take a look at our Recruitment page. For the safety of our players Rec. league is only for those who have played before.

Do I have to have primary insurance to play?
We strongly suggest you carry primary insurance. Roller derby is a full contact sport.

I belong to QCRG and play on a team. Can I participate in Rec. league?
Yes! QCRG members are welcome to come play rec. You will be asked to pay Rec. dues, and respect Rec. time. Rec. league is an open scrimmage and not to be used as an extra team practice.

I belong to another league. Can I participate in Rec. league?
Yes! As this is a recreational league you can maintain affiliation with your home league and participate here.

Photo by Andy Foremiak

Photo by Andy Foremiak

Will we have refs?
We welcome refs to come and play/participate. If you are a ref and want to work on your calls, Rec. is a great place to practice. There may be times that we do not have refs, at which time a no douche bag clause is in effect. If you know you are out of bounds, cutting the track etc you will be responsible to call your own penalties.

What gear do I need?
You will need all the gear you needed to play the game. Helmet, mouth guard, wrist guards, elbow pads, knee pads, and skates.

Will there be hitting?
YES! Roller derby is a full contact sport. You will be expected to be able to give and receive hits in a safe and legal way.

Will there be rules?
Yes. We will follow the most current WFTDA rule set. Rec. League is designed for those of us who love and respect WFTDA Roller Derby.

When do we play?
Rec. league takes place on Thursday nights.