Playoff Participant: Naptown Roller Girls

So you’ve heard about this fabulous tournament QCRG is hosting. You know that there is going to be some amazing roller derby that weekend. But you aren’t quite sure who is coming and what you might see between the teams. Well, you’ve come to the right place. We will be featuring the leagues who will be playing in the WFTDA NC Region Playoffs in the QCRG blog leading up to the playoffs September 14-16.

First up: The Naptown Roller Girls from Indianapolis, Indiana.

The Naptown Roller Girls are making their third appearance at the North-Central Regional Tournament this year. The Tornado Sirens are coming off their first-ever appearance at WFTDA World Championships last fall in suburban Denver.

Photo by Tom Klubens
The Sirens come into the tournament after a home season with just one loss (at the hands of NC #2 Minnesota) and an overall home record of 6-1, including wins over Toronto, Steel City, and Dutchland.
The Sirens have stayed busy over the summer, including a 1 and 2 swing out West and a close loss in August against North-Central rival, #4 Arch Rival.

As for the look of the team, the loss of blockers Eve Elle and Ana Slays Ya has opened up slots for newer faces, including Warning Belles stand-outs Veronica Dodge, G-Rocket, and Scorpiopathic. The new faces complement a roster of strong veterans, including Maiden America, Amooze Booche, and all-around powerhouse Dora the Destroyer.

Photo by Marc Lebryk
Head Coach J Roller credits off-skates training as a key to the team getting sharper on the track. “The girls are working hard on their conditioning and many are in the best shape of their lives. We also have many girls who were working through injuries last season and they worked hard rehabbing,” she says. “Our strategy has changed slightly and we have been really experimental in bouts. Tried new things and took chances. We approached most of our bouts this year with the intent to learn and grow rather than to win.”
As for the North-Central Region, Coach Roller says she’s noticed a switch overall in how teams are approaching bouts. “I have noticed a strong switch to defense throughout the region. This is creating some very strong walls and some very aggressive jammers. It’s interesting but I would be really excited to see some teams who have mastered the wonderful dynamic that happens when a team plays offense and defense simultaneously.”

The Naptown Roller Girls were formed in 2006 and played their first bout at the Indiana State Fairgrounds in January of 2007.

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