Some “Tough Little Ladies” Get To Skating

Ice Ice Babies
Jr. Roller Derby Expo Bout

Sunday, Jan. 15 is a day that 27 WNY girls will recall their entire lives as the night of their first real bout. QCRG’s Jr. Derby league, the Ice Ice Babies skated an expo bout last Sunday night. We’ll let the video speak for itself – you can view it on the bottom of this article!

Both teams- comprised of girls aged 8-17, were laying out real flat track roller derby moves just like their adult coaches do. Top scoring jammers were both skating for white that night. Jiffy Pop got the league’s first official grand slam and the crowd was going wild for Little Bit.

In addition to having such a great first bout, the Ice Ice Babies managed to raise $1,165 in donations for Women’s & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo!  Way to go ladies!

Be sure to catch the Ice Ice Babies in their next expo bout on Saturday, February 18 at 7PM, just before the Nickel City Knockouts and Suicidal Saucies go head to head for the first time this season! Ticket available here.

Final Score:
88 White Team / 60 Black Team

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Black Team:
  Animal Jam  #1
  Ashzilla   #7
  Derby Doll  #23
  Devil’s Daughter  #469
  Dora Destro’Ya  #12
  Emma Gitcha  #731
  Fruitloop  #13
  Honey Badger  #2
  L’il Blade  #17
  L’il Time Bomb  #21
  Lizzy Borg  #39
  Punky Bruise-Her  #444
  Rekkless  #16
  S.S. Supreme  #182
  Veggy Cowgirl  #27
  Whoop Ash  #007


White Team:
  Ally Catraz  #1023
  Derby Diva  #123
  Hammer Da-Booty  #22
  Hanna-Q-Leez  #1999
  Jiffy Pop  #5Min.
  Jr. Train Wreck  #3
  Little Bit   #1/2
  Silly String  #4
  $pazz-Manian She Devil  #063
  Tentakool  #826
  Victoria’s Secret Weapon  #28



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