Queens Court Tryouts

On Sunday December 9, 2012, the Queen City Roller Girls auditioned over 20 new girls to participate in the Queen’s Court.  Ilana Gordon, formally known as R. Rose Selavy, began the night off by introducing herself and the other QCRG training staff to the new girls.  Roller derby is more than just a sport, it is a place where you can be yourself and become part of a team.  The camaraderie that develops after becoming part of QCRG is amazing.  You can feel it even as you take the floor for the first time.

Each skater was given a “Q” number, which was placed on a white shirt so they were able to be identified before they get their own derby identity.  The girls then broke up into four groups of five or six where they were able to meet up with veteran skaters and get ready to take the track for their tryout.

The new skaters were given many different skills to perform, which for the first time can be difficult.  The enthusiasm of all the new girls was great to see.  The skills were basic skating skills such as weaving from the outside of the track to the inside, and gliding on their skates.  The last part of their try out was to skate as many laps as they could in two minutes, or the length of a jam.  They were expected to skate in proper derby stance and to use the proper stride as they skated the track.

Many skaters have never skated before, but wanted to give derby a try.  Q19, Misty has never played roller derby before, but she does have an athletic background in softball and volleyball.  She just started coming to bouts this past season.  She found out about QCRG from a veteran skater of the Suicidal Saucies, Alli Snatcher.  So, naturally, she went to Suicidal Saucy bouts last season, and she also came out to the expo bout.  Misty said that roller derby was something that, “I have to try this!”  When asked if she had a derby name in mind Misty said, “I have to make it first before I pick a name.”

After observing tryouts a little more, there were two women who stood out as if they were a package deal.  These two Canadian women have been friends for years and have played ice hockey together, their kids play together, and they coached together.  Gina (Q1) and Leanne (Q3) “together we’re 13,” as they put it, came to QCRG from Port Colborne, Ontario after researching roller derby on the Internet.  The only derby they have seen is on television and online.  When asked how tryouts were, Gina replied: “little oxygen in the lungs doesn’t hurt anyone.”

The new skaters were also interviewed by a member from each team in order to get to know them better.  Stephanie (Q6) who is 29 years old and no stranger to QCRG, heard about roller derby through QCRG when she began to help the league as an NSO two years ago before she moved to Atlanta, Georgia.  In Atlanta, she was able to watch the Atlanta Roller Girls and also helped as an NSO out there.  Stephanie thought that tryouts were fun and very organized.  “Everyone was helpful and friendly.”  She hopes to work again as an NSO so to better learn the new rule set. That way when she skates it will be easier.

Rhonda (Q22) heard about QCRG from her sister’s friend who brought her to the championship bout two years ago.  After that, she knew that this was for her.  Rhonda came to all the bouts last season, and brought friends along to share in the roller derby experience.  Going to so many bouts, she felt as though she has a pretty good understanding of the game.  She said that her and her friends like to act out the “jam” in the crowd.  When asked about tryouts Rhonda said: “The more I warm up, the better I do.”

All the talent that showed up this year will definitely make great additions to the QCRG family.  It is a wonderful thing to see the league grow and how the interest keeps getting stronger.  The next set of tryouts will be held in the spring, so make sure to tell your friends and family to keep an eye out for further information.

~By Crown Victoria