QCRG Recruitment

So, you’re thinking about joining roller derby, huh? Maybe you’ve been to a bout and said to yourself: “I could do that.” But then that same skater you were watching flies out of bounds and crashes into the pads (or one of the outside refs) and then you’re thinking: hmm, maybe not.

But you can’t stop thinking that it looks fun. Even those crashes look fun. And the women jump right up from those crashes and keep on skating.

Except, you haven’t been on roller skates since you were a kid. And you aren’t a kid anymore.

Maybe you’re an executive with a busy schedule. Or you work second shift. Or you’re a stay at home mom. And whatever your day job is, you certainly aren’t an athlete.

None of that has to get in your way of becoming a roller derby skater. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of current QCRG derby players who can relate to all of the above.

These days, they are athletes but most of them started right where you are now. They wanted to try it, but were nervous or uncertain.

That’s okay, QCRG has the perfect place for you. We call it the Queens Court. It’s a team where new skaters learn all the basic skills that are needed to pass the first test on your road to skating as a member of the Kats, Dollies, Knockouts, Saucies or the Furies.

You can’t procrastinate any longer. The deadline to sign up is April 27th.

And, this is the last chance you’ll have in 2012 to join in time to be eligible for our draft (where the teams pick their new skaters) which takes place in October.

Arti Choker, a current member of the Queens Court, summed it up well: “The Court is a place where you get individual attention while working on basic skills. It’s a place to learn and practice the basics without the pressure of skating with veteran players. And it’s a lot of fun.”

One of the things that struck Arti when she first started watching roller derby was the variety of body shapes and sizes of the skater. You don’t have to lose that 20 lbs. in order to start skating roller derby. Big, small, heavy or thin, each body type is valued and happily accepted.

Derby takes time, money and commitment and the Court gives new people a place to try it out before they are committed to a team for the season. But unless you sign up and buy your skates and gear, you’ll never know how good derby can be to you.

Don’t wait any longer. Click here to sign up. The deadline is April 27, 2012.