On the Road With the Furies

The Lake Effect Furies dove headfirst into the month of March with the intent of making strides in their goal of reaching Eastern Regionals. Four games later, they are more experienced and wiser, but not statistically closer to their goal.

First off, on March 3, was a rematch against the Suburban Brawl of Yonkers, New York. The game was a nail biter down to the last jam of the bout. The Furies held a lead throughout most of the game and earned lead jammer more often. However, they also had a significant number of penalties which enabled the Suburbian Brawl to keep the game close. The Furies pulled it out in the end and won the game 142-136.

Next up was a trip to Baltimore, Maryland to play the number three (in the East) ranked Charm City Roller Girls. The bout was a closed bout early in the morning and was a learning experience for the Furies. Everyone played an intense game which saw Charm City use heavy force and strategy to keep the Furies separated and scrambling to score points. Charm won a commanding victory with the score of 440-62.

That evening, after a relatively short drive down Interstate 95, the Furies took on the 11th ranked (in the East) DC All Stars. It was another tough game for the Furies where DC earned lead jammer more often and took advantage of that to rack up the points. They had two 14 point jams and a 20 point jam in the first period. The Furies struggled to put out their own tight defense as well as help their jammers get through DC’s walls. B’Kini Whacks and R. Rose Selavy were awarded MVP by the DC All Stars at the end of the game. The final score was 175-77 in DC’s favor.

With three bouts under their belts in two weeks, the Furies then traveled to Woodbridge, Connecticut to bout against the All Star Stepford Sabatoge on March 31.

Photos by Jeffrey Kerekes

The Furies took command of the track from the first jam and didn’t let go of it, with a few exceptions, for the entire game. The Sabatoge kept the pressure on throughout the game, doing their best to break up the Furies’ walls and impede their strategies, and they managed to keep the score close. Penalties hurt the Furies, too, but they hurt the Sabatoge more, and due to penalty box confusion the floor was empty of all Sabatoge players during one jam. The Furies won 191-133. BJ Harmstrong was awarded the MVP by the Sabatoge.

Next up, Toronto’s CN Power on April 14, 2012 in Toronto.