More Records On the Line for QCRG at 2016 Cup Championship

This 10th Queen City Roller Girls season has been a success; the Furies are 9-0 in sanctioned play this year and have set new single game WFTDA score records, the league has smashed previous attendance records, the leagues boot camps remain full and the Junior program continues to reach new heights in a season where they graduated their first skater. Across the board a lot of records have been broken. With one game left in the 2016 season though, 2016 QCRG Cup Champs, there are still some impressive records on the line.

With the Alley Kats in their 2nd ever QCRG Cup Championship, and looking for their 1st ever Championship, their resurgence in 2016 has been a major storyline within the league. Entering the year winless since 2012, the Kats won their season opener with a thrilling last jam victory over the Devil Dollies. They followed up on that success finishing with a 4-2 record, a #1 seed, and a bye to the Championship.

The Kats were added in a league expansion in 2009, becoming the 4th home league team at the time, and the team started strong with a Championship appearance in 2010 that saw them drop a 142-140 last jam heartbreaker to the Saucies. They returned to playoffs in 2011 dropping a close result to the Dollies 146-135, and until this season they would only win one more game after that (Jan 2012 against the Saucies).

Dollies Jammer Double Barryl Tries to Squeeze By Kats Blockers Flocking and Sham Rocks May, 2016. Credit: Chris Kalisiak
Dollies Jammer Double Barryl Tries to Squeeze By Kats Blockers Flocking and Sham Rocks May, 2016. Credit: Chris Kalisiak

Although their 1st  Championship is what the team is chasing, there are skaters on the team close to important milestones as well. Veteran jammer Evil-Lyn, who has been with the Kats since their 1st season, is 16 points away from 1,000 points scored as a jammer within QCRG. The league stat archive is missing years 2007-2009, but with these 2010-present numbers Evil ranks 4th all time in jammer points scored. If she can get 16 points at Champs she be just the 4th skater in league history to score over 1,000 points all time as a jammer (Librawlian -1824, B’Kini Whacks – 1198, Low Hits Griffin – 1040). If Evil can score 57 or more points, she not only cracks the 1,000 mark, but also moves into the top 3 all time. The game will also see Evil Lyn move into a tie for 4th all time in games played (31) and it will also see her increase her jams played as a jammer lead (currently 332) with no real challengers in sight.

Three Kats blockers, PaulverizHer, Flocking Girl Scout and Knot Nice will also be moving up the all time jams played as a blocker list (365, 341, 327). It is conceivable that by the end of the game PaulverizHer will be 2nd all time in jams played as a blocker behind only Beatrix Boom (411).

The longevity stats for these Kats show the teams resilience and heart. These are all skaters who stuck it out, for years, with a losing team. Their dedication to their team is rare and they will be hoping for a big pay off this Friday.

For the Dollies they are an original 3 team who are looking to get their 2nd ever QCRG Cup Championship and their first since 2011. These two teams, the Kats and Dollies, met in three straight elimination playoffs between 2010-2012 with the Dollies taking 2 of those 3 games and losing one by just a single point. They will be looking to hoist the cup and also deny to the Kats the perfect ending to their comeback season.

The Dollies side also has its share of longevity record holders, although many of those skaters developed those stats with a combination of teams. Veteran blocker Lip Service will claim a tie for 2nd most games played all time (33), increase her lead on most jams as a pivot all time (42), enter the top 10 in jams played a blocker and increase her overall lead in jams played (792). She also has a shot at over taking Lamb Chop for most points scored while on the track, if her team can score 111 points this Friday with her out there.

Other Dollie Veterans will also be moving up – Bully Holiday will move to 6th all time in games played (30), while her and La’Batt Bruise will remain in the top 10 for jams as a blocker (Bully) and jams as a pivot (La’Batt).

For the Dollies, one of the juiciest individual records at stake is a rookie stat as their jammer Double Barryl is 105 points away from breaking the single season rookie jammer points scored record set by Librawlian in 2012 (609). Double Barryl’s 505 points scored this year has been over 2 more games, but it is also the most points scored by a jammer not named Librawlian ever in a QCRG home league season. Double Barryl was a transfer and with the league scramble and many skaters going travel only this needs some context, however, scoring that many points in a season is amazing and this was most likely a record that no one thought anyone would ever get close to let alone break. If Double Barryl can manage to 124 points, she will also break Librawlian’s single season QCRG record for jammer points scored (628 in 2015). If that seems out of reach remember that Double Barryl just put up 103 points against the Alley Kats in the final Alley Kats/Devil Dollies bout of the regular season.

The Dollies are looking for their first Championship since 2011 and the Kats are looking for their first Championship ever. Within that game, there are lots of league records up for grabs as well. For fans of either team there is lots to be proud of already this season; the Kats have bounced back and capitalized on their continuity, while the Dollies took a mix of rookies and veterans and have gotten stronger as the season progressed. Look for some of these records to be broken in game but don’t lose sight over the main goal – cheering on your team to QCRG Cup Victory!

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