Lights, Camera, Rollergirls

Local director Peter McGennis (Buffalo Bushido) wanted some authentic talent for his next film Queen City– so he invited three of Queen City Roller Girls’ finest all-stars to play small parts. Crazy Legs, Busty Pipes and Sheer Tara appeared in their throwback “Team QCRG” jerseys and delivered a couple of lines alongside Buffalo sports legend Rick Jeanneret.

The skaters arrived to the set bright and early despite being out late at the bout and afterparty the night before. They were pleased to see a familiar face: retired skater and penalty box mistress Cha-Cha Wheels (Maureen Olson Urbaniak) was on set for hair and makeup. Thanks to Cha-Cha, Sheer Tara got to sport some historically accurate “mall bangs.”

Jeanneret, always quick with a joke, was very friendly with the QCRG skaters. He mentioned he had loved roller derby “back in the day” but didn’t think he could make it out to North Tonawanda to catch a QCRG bout. We’ll save you a seat if you ever change your mind, Rick! A couple of the skaters rushed off after filming to make their Sunday a.m. team practice afterward, too. That’s the life of a Queen City Roller Girl!

The movie was described to the participating skaters as a film noir love song to the people and places that make Buffalo great. Vivica A. Fox stars as a jazz singer in a gritty, corrupt 1980’s Buffalo.  Queen City, is due to premiere early in 2012. We won’t give any spoilers but each skater has at least one line and we think this film will be an instant classic for Buffalo lovers.

Maureen Olson Urbaniak