Hot & Frosty Furies Chili Cook Off Recap

QCRG’s own Lake Effect Furies, usually noted for being icy cool, spiced things up a bit and brought some real heat this past Saturday evening. That was the night of the team’s latest fundraiser, the “Hot & Frosty Furies Chili Cook Off.” A crowd of over 150 people gathered to celebrate Buffalo’s All-Star roller derby team and help offset travel expenses for their ambitious season ahead where they will visit places such as Maine, Washington DC, Connecticut and Virginia.


2012 Furies Chili Cook Off
Happy fans enjoying tastings

Event organizer HerHeiny Granger had previously put together a great Chili Cook Off for QCRG’s Queen’s Court and was pleased to see this one turn out even better. “It was a great success. We had improved attendance and fundraising, more chefs, new award categories, and fun new trophies for our award winners,” Granger said. “I’m looking forward to more improvements to make next year’s competition even bigger and better.”

Eighteen amateur chefs took part in the competition portion of the Chili Cook Off and they all made the voting process very difficult for everyone in attendance. There were a total of five categories that were voted on by five judges, including special guest judge, Don Paul. Each person in attendance also got to cast a ballot for their own favorite. At the end of the night the five victors were crowned:

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Best Vegetarian Chili: Kristin Damstetter

Meat Lover’s: Robert McLeod

Best with Beer: Nova Cain

Runner-Up: Mama Warrior

Best Overall: Shock-Her

2012 Furies Chili Cook Off
Shock-Her takes the trophy

The Lake Effect Furies, many of whom were present to meet and greet all the fans, expressed appreciation for each and every chef who brought their unique flavor of Chili to the event. The other participants included Nora Buchman, Abercrombie and Fists, Keith Mondschein, Vile Love It, Kate Elliot, 90 Degree Johnson, Stormie Weather, Mr. Mexi, Cu~T, Jessica Eastwood, Shawn O’Malley, Dave Rogue and Rufio.