Furies @ WFTDA Regional Champs — Tournament Recap

Tournament Results – Day 1
Date High Seed Score Low Seed Notes
05/17 Lake Effect Furies (#8) 166 158 Ann Arbor (#9) Game 1: 10:00 AM
05/17 Boston (#5) 174 106 Tri-City (#12) Game 2: 12:00 PM
05/17 Minnesota (#6) 230 95 Montreal B (#11) Game 3: 2:00 PM
05/17 Detroit (#7) 293 114 Gotham B (#10) Game 4: 4:00 PM
05/17 Arch Rival (#1) 414 42 Lake Effect Furies (#8) Game 5: 6:00 PM
05/17 Windy City (#4) 199 195 Boston (#5) Game 6: 8:00 PM
Lake Effect Furies 166, Ann Arbor Roller Derby 158

Ann Arbor dominated things early, building an 84 to 29 lead with a little under 9 minutes to go in the first half before the Furies began to get going right before halftime. The Furies managed 12-0 and 16-4 jams from She-Devil and Cooper in the last few minutes of the half, culminating in a 14-4 She-Devil jam as the half expired to make things 95-77 at intermission.

Game 1 MVPs – Ubebee & Artuso | Photo via SCAR Derby
The Furies kept that momentum going in the second half, quickly closing the remaining gap behind a 18-3 jam from Cooper that tied things up 98 to 98 with 27 minutes left in the game. Things remained close the rest of the way, with the Furies taking as much as a 6 point lead before Ann Arbor responded with a few strong jams of their own, including a 16-8 jam from Skater Boi to eventually take as much as a 13 point lead (136-123) around the 12 minute mark. A handful of strong jams from Artuso and Cooper put the Furies back up 145 to 140 at the 7 minute mark.

Both teams traded points for the next few minutes, with Ann Arbor taking a 1 point lead (154-153) into jam 22 beginning with just a hair over 2 minutes remaining in the game. Here Ann Arbor got lead jam status, but a timely jammer penalty by Ann Arbor’s Sonnet Boom gave Artuso a power jam opportunity, which she capitalized on to the tune of a 13-4 run, giving the Furies a 166 to 158 lead. An Ann Arbor timeout with 5 seconds left in the period gave them one more shot in the final jam, but a quick She-Devil lead and call closed that door, securing the Furies the victory.

Furies vs Ann Arbor Post-Game | Photo via SCAR Derby

Penalty Totals were approximately 34 to Ann Arbor against 26 to the Furies. Game MVPs went to Artuso (Jammer) and Ubebee (Blocker) for the Furies and Sonnet Boom (Jammer) and J. Sandin (Blocker). With the win the Furies will take on tournament #1 Seed Arch Rival Roller Derby of St. Louis, Missouri at 6:00 PM Friday 5/17 while Ann Arbor will go on play a consolation game 4:00 PM Saturday versus the Gotham Wall Street Traitors.

Arch Rival Roller Derby 414, Lake Effect Furies 42

Allow us a brief digression to explain some of how WFTDA Rankings work. As teams play each other throughout the year, they generate scores called ‘Game Points’ based on the results of sanctioned play (specifically the score ratio game – a 150 to 50 win is the ‘same’ as a 300 to 100 win, for example) relative or compared to what the ‘expected’ result was, based on a team’s Game Point Average which is determined from their previous games. There’s a bit more to it than just that, but the gist is that teams improve their rankings by beating ‘expectations’ that are based on past performance. Coming into this game the Furies and Arch Rival’s respective GPAs (Game Point Average) would predict an Arch victory of approximately 15:1.

(If you’d like to learn more, the WFTDA has resources including a video explaining the ranking system, as well as the specifics of the ranking algorithm)

With all of that said, Arch Rival demonstrated from start to finish why they are the number one seed in this tournament, as well as why they look like they are sure to be one of the top contenders for the WFTDA Global Championship coming this fall. Arch took command from the start, with Arch taking a 24 to 0 lead in the first jam.

Game 2 MVPs Tabrina Schreier, Necromatrix, Vicious van GoGo, and Splatter | Photo via SCAR Derby
The Furies did have some occasional breakthroughs, however. Early on, She-Devil managed a 16-4 jam off of an Arch jammer penalty, followed by a 4-4 jam from Mini Fridge. Later in the first, Cooper left the game after taking what looked to be a hit to the jaw just as she had secured the Furies 3rd lead jam of the evening. Close to the end of the first She-Devil scored another 4 points for the Furies. A pair of 24-0 jams from Arch to close the half left the score 226 to 24 at intermission.

Artuso tallied 2 points in the first jam of the second half, and shortly after that, co-captain (and original Furie) Tabrina Schreier added an additional 2 off of a star pass from Mini Fridge. Artuso and She-Devil scored on back to back jams for a 7-1 run, and in the penultimate jam Artuso managed a 7-3 jam to put the Furies up to 42 points.

In total, She-Devil led Furies jammers with 23 points on 9 jams, with Artuso adding 13 on 10 jams, and Mini Fridge an additional 4 on 7 jams. The Furies skated relatively clean as well, tallying only 17 penalties through late in the second half to Arch’s 32 at the same time. Game MVPs were Necromatrix (Jammer) and Tabrina Schreier (Blocker) for the Furies and Vicious van GoGo (Jammer) and Splatter (Blocker) for Arch Rival. The Furies next play Sunday at 11:00 AM against the loser of Saturday’s matchup between Detroit (#7) and Montreal (#2), while Arch Rival will take on Windy City (#4) at 6PM Saturday in the tournament semi-final.

Furies vs Arch Rival Post-Game | Photo via SCAR Derby

Did You Know? In addition to being the #1 ranked team in the NA Northeast region by a very substantial margin (Arch’s ‘GPA’ or Game Point Average of 3212.61 entering the weekend is over three times that of the #2 seed Montreal’s 946.98), Arch is also second in the GUR (Globally Unrestricted Region) rankings, which are based on games played between teams from different regions.

Tournament Results – Day 2
Date High Seed Score Low Seed Notes
05/18 Gotham (#3) 148 97 Minnesota (#6) Game 7: 10:00 AM
05/18 Montreal (#2) 246 131 Detroit (#7) Game 8: 12:00 PM
05/18 Montreal B (#11) 218 223 Tri-City (#12) Game 9: 2:00 PM
05/18 Ann Arbor (#9) 204 108 Gotham B (#10) Game 10: 4:00 PM
05/18 Arch Rival (#1) 333 11 Windy City (#4) Game 11: 6:00 PM
05/18 Montreal (#2) 194 104 Gotham (#3) Game 12: 8:00 PM

Tournament Results – Day 3
Date High Seed Score Low Seed Notes
05/19 Detroit (#7) 184 182 Lake Effect Furies (#8) Game 13: 11:00 AM
05/19 Boston (#5) 132 113 Minnesota (#6) Game 14: 1:00 PM
05/19 Gotham (#3) 181 89 Windy City (#4) Game 15: 3:00 PM
3rd Place Game
05/19 Arch Rival (#1) 245 76 Montreal (#2) Game 16: 5:00 PM
1st Place Game
Detroit 184, Lake Effect Furies 182

The Furies closed out their tournament on Sunday, with a consolation matchup with #7 Detroit. These two teams had previously played 10/1/23, with Detroit taking that game 275 to 222. Their matchup at Regionals wound up being mostly big momentum shifts, with the Furies spending long stretches steadily building leads (the Furies scored points on 37 of 41 jams), before Detroit would break through and erase those leads in a handful of jams (Detroit scored on only 20 of 41 jams, but averaged 9.2 points on jams where they tallied points).

It was all Furies early on, taking the first 4 leads and going up 17-0 and building as much as a 21 point lead midway through the first (going up 37-16 after a 8-0 jam 7 from M.I.A.). Detroit managed to respond, going on a 28-12 run of their own to cut the lead to 5 before the Furies closed out the half 41-24 (including a 16-8 jam from Artuso) to take a 90-68 lead into halftime.

The Furies started the second half much like the first, taking the first 3 jams of the half 20-0 and pulling ahead to a 42 point lead (110-68). Detroit had another big swing and success going long on jams, winning jams 5 and 7 of the second 20 to 4 and 16 to 4 to cut the lead back down to 13 and later as low as 10 (137-127) on a 12-4 jam 10. The Furies managed to shut the door on this run, holding Detroit scoreless for 5 consecutive jams, but also only scoring 15 points of their own to build a 25 point lead going into the closing minutes.

Game 3 MVPs Jilleanne Rookard, Artuso, Finn-Purcella, and Preying ManTease | Photo by Rene van Ee
Here, another Detroit run beginning jam 16 saw them score 51 points over the next 4 jams, allowing 22 resulting in the first Detroit leads of the game (178 to 174 at the end of jam 19) with only minutes to go. Here the Furies responded again by shutting Detroit down, with a pair of 4-0 jams from She-Devil and Cooper put them back up by 4 with a bit over a minute to go and heading into what would be the final jam. Here, Jilleanne Rookard for Detroit lined up against the Furies Artuso — Rookard managed to get out and obtain lead 40 seconds into the Jam, but was stymied by the Furies blockers in her first scoring pass, while Artuso was similarly stymied trying to get out of her initial. Rookard finally broke through with about a dozen seconds remaining in the jam with 4 points to make it a tie game (182-182). With time expiring on the jam, Rookard managed to catch the back of pack and apex jump past 2 Furies blockers to secure 2 more points and a 184 to 182 victory.

Leading scorers for the Furies were Artuso (60 points on 13 jams), Cooper (52 points on 11 jams), and She-Devil (44 points on 10 jams). The Hammer led all Furies skaters in jams played (25, or 61%) and plus/minus (+18), with other top blockers being Ubebee (24/59% and a -9), Jes Ghosen (24/59% and a -1), and Tabrina Schreier (22/54% and a +5). Game MVPs were Artuso (Jammer) and Preying ManTease (Blocker) for the Furies and Jilleanne Rookard (Jammer) and Finn-Purcella (Blocker) for Detroit. The Furies will resume games later this year after the NA Northeast regions off-season this summer.

Furies vs Detroit Post-Game | Photo by Rene van Ee

The top 3 spots in the Tournament wound up being claimed by Arch Rival, Montreal, and Gotham — all 3 have earned berths in the upcoming WFTDA Global Championship this November in Portland, OR.