Furies Welcome Philly Roller Derby

On Saturday, April 21st, 2018 the Queen City Roller Girls all star travel team, the Lake Effect Furies will welcome Philly Roller Derby to their house in what is expected to be a highly competitive and exciting game.

Philly Roller Derby’s charter team, the Liberty Bells, are currently ranked 27th in the Womens Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA). The Furies are 17th. Do not let a 10 ranking spot difference fool you! These two teams are considered to be well suited for a competitive matchup!

Photo by Rene T. van Ee
Philly Roller Derby has yet to play in 2018. Their 2017 season consisted of 11 games where they took 2 wins. They finished the season strong, beating both Arizona Roller Derby and Santa Cruz Derby Girls at the (2017) Division 1 Playoffs in Dallas. The win over Arizona earned the chance to play against WFTDA’s top ranked team, Victorian Roller Derby. Victorian won that game, but the learning experiences that Philly walked away with will be what gives their team an edge for the 2018 season. Philly is also a highly experienced team with years of high level competitive game play experience. This will be an asset for them in the 2018 season.

The Furies play have already played a game in 2018. In March they hosted Ann Arbor Roller Derby (#41). Although that game was tied at halftime, the Furies took a solid win 217-141. Having a 2018 game already under their belt will help the Furies this Saturday against Philly since they’ve been able to test out new strategies and work with their new teammates and blocking lines. The Furies 2017 season consisted of 5 games, where they lost only to the surging Montreal Roller Derby (who is currently ranked #8). They also finished the season strong at Division 1 Playoffs in Dallas. The Furies won against Houston Roller Derby and Wasatch Roller Derby, and fell to the highly skilled Arch Rival Roller Derby.

Photo by Rene T. van Ee
Players to watch for in Saturday’s game will be blockers She-Bear #2873 and Teflon Donna #85 and jammers Hermann Monster #152 and Buenos D A$$ #138 from Philly. She-Bear is a transfer from Charm City Roller Girls. She works hard and has a lot of heart on the track. Teflon Donna plays an extremely smart but also physical game. She will be a leader for her team and offer strength and stability to the defense. Both Hermann Monster and Buenos D A$$ will be in high jammer rotation. Hermann has a solid mental game and strong from start to finish. D A$$ will utilize great pushes, line work, and low dips as she attacks defensive walls.

From the Furies side, make sure to watch blockers Head Huntress #54 and Chickadeemolish #505 and jammers GO! #424 and Librawlian #622. Huntress is a leader on the track, and utilizes her strength in the defensive formation. She also plays a very smart defensive game and is able to read where the jammer is heading and catch and hold one-on-one while her line reforms with her. Chickie will be a huge asset to the jammers as she offers offensive help to bust holes in Philly’s defence and let Furies jammers through. GO! will use her power and strength to bust between defence formations with her signature side surf move. Brawl will juke, jive and jump until she has gathered points for the Furies. Watch Brawl’s feet – they never stop moving!

Photo by Rene T. van Ee
The Furies want a win for this game. It will not be easy. Philly will bring a team with vast experience in competitive play. This game will be a challenge for both teams, but the Furies are ready to put the work in required. They have been training hard, and have ironed out some kinks during their game in March. They are ready to welcome Philly!