Bout Recap: Knockouts vs Saucies

It’s almost mid-season for the Queen City Roller Girls and it’s only February.  The Suicidal Saucies were back for their second bout in a row after being narrowly defeated by the Alley Kats.  The Knockouts came into this match up after a win over the Devil Dollies in the QCRG season opener.  This bout was also the first time siblings were pitted against each other as Saucie Coach Senor Weiner went up against his big sister, Lamb Chop (71), captain of the Knockouts.

Early in the first period, the Knockouts burst out of the gate and grabbed 38 points within the first 5 jams setting up an early lead.  Knockouts’ Crazy Legs (24) and BJ Harmstrong (134) each stunned the Saucie defense by scoring 17 and 10 points respectively in their first turns on rotation.  Saucies answered by unleashing B’kini Whacks (21) who was integral to keeping the Saucies points on track.  Blocking by the Knockouts has become more sophisticated compared to last year as they showed more versatility on guarding the inside line and forcing the opposing jammer to risk running to the outside corners.  While lineup stalwarts Lamb Chop and Ivana Leiherout (240) led the KO blockers, Midnyt Maniac (49) terrorized the Saucies as both a blocker and a jammer.

2012 Knockouts vs Saucies
Photo Courtesy of Andy Foremiak

The Saucies had a lot of work to do and began to painstakingly chisel down the Knockout lead before the end of first period.  Bikini Whacks received some help from Bella Stilletto (111) who racked up a 13 point jam for the Saucies.   In the second period the Saucies Captain Wrecks Kitten (73, Captian) earned extra credit as a jammer.  Her leadership on the track urged teammates Bully Holiday (28) and Homicidal Barbie (154) into a tight pack that momentarily stunned the KOs.  A stand out defender for the Saucies in this bout was Head Huntress (54), a bone rattling hitter the Saucies picked up in the draft.

The momentum and early breakout by the KOs proved too much for the Saucies to overcome.  Although the KOs spent twice as much time in the penalty box, it wasn’t enough to provide more scoring opportunities for the Sauce.  The KOs might have been knocked off guard a few times but they kept cool, especially Ruby Revenge (10) who walked away with a scoring total of 69 points.  It should be noted that the SS’s were missing Stormie Weather from their lineup who will hopefully return for their next bout.

Final Score:  Nickel City Knockouts 191, Suicidal Saucies 93