Bout Recap: Devil Dollies vs. Alley Kats

The fireworks started early for Devil Dollie fans on March 10, 2012, as the Dollies started their bout against the Alley Kats off strong, setting the pace for the bout in the first jams by stacking their opening blocker lines with heavy hitters Lip Service (360), Vanilla Creamz (234), Val Du Morte (63) and Red Fox (41), with Day Tripher (711) as the jammer. The second jam saw a recycling of 4 out of the 5 Dollies from the first jam with Vanilla jamming and picking up 8 points. The Alley Kats stepped up to the jammer line with Evil-lyn Cognito (87) and Casual Sexist (27) in the first couple of jams. Blockers for the Kats in the early rounds included Crimes of Thrashin (38) who would switch back to jamming later in the bout, Jaded Sinsibility (47), Flocking Girl Scout (100) and Maggie De Sade (140). The Kats fought back with speed as opposed to counter blocking and their jammers obtained some key assists from Jaded. Alley Kats answered The Dollie attack plan by upping the track time of blockers Juanita Hurtya (37) and Knockin Das Boots (57). In the first period, Crimes of Thrashin (38) worked mostly as a blocker and was sorely missed as jammer. While scoring efforts by the Kats were effective, the Dollies obtained lead jam a ratio of 3 to 2. And the Kats jammers were felled time and time again by Lips Service’s punishing shoulder hits. By the end of the first period, the Dollies teamwork had made a significant dent in the Kats defense and the score was 113 Dollies to 45 Alley Kats.

Photo by Glenn Murray

Second period started with The Kats switching Evil-Lyn Cognito (87) with Crimes Of Thrashin (38) from the jammer to blocker position. Crimes went on to rack up 24 total points, enough to become second highest scorer for the Kats, one point behind Celery Stalk-her, and Crimes scored 14 points in one jam. The Dollie high scorer for a single jam was Red Fox (41) with a 17 point jam, however, she spent most of the bout gleefully mixing it up as a blocker. Day Tripher (711) racked up the most points for the Dollies scoring 65 points. Alley Kats’ blockers tried to change this up but they could not overcome the momentum created by the Devil Dollies who maintained control over the pack in every jam. Coping with injuries, the Alley Kats cobbled together a defense that can still make an impact but they were unable to break the Dollies for long. Juanita Hurtya took a turn at jamming along with Wicca’d D’Meaner (25) as the Kats continued to fight for every point. The Alley Kats threw everything they could into their defense and used their penalties when needed to stop a score. The Kats took this bout as an opportunity to try out more jammers and deepen their bench for their next match up. Hopefully, some of their missing players will heal soon enough to participate in the rest of the season as the Kats have been known to rely heavily on their defense. The momentum from the first jam set by the Dollies never waned as they won a decisive victory over the Kats.

Final Score: Devil Dollies 209, Alley Kats 89.