2017 Suicidal Saucies Preview


The 2017 Suicidal Saucies return with a solid core of skaters and new coaches to help propel the team on their quest to capture their 5th QCRG Championship. Last season saw the Saucies have an uncharacteristically down year that had them finish 1-6 in the regular season and 3rd place in the QCRG standings. The team is in excellent position to challenge the Dollies and Kats for dominance in QCRG with an influx of new skaters and a fresh perspective from the new coaching staff. 

Photo by Jim Bush
Photo by Jim Bush

Despite the retirement of seasoned veterans Flame Throw Her, Legs Luther, Maggie de Sade, and Crimes of Thrashin’, the Saucies have spiced up their 2017 roster with the addition of some fresh (and some well-seasoned) additions to their team. Blackrock Bruiser brings her extensive Lake Effect Furies experience to the team as head coach. Stirring the sauce from the bench is Val du Morte. Val hung up her skates at the end of last season, but stays on with the Saucies as assistant coach. To add to the family recipe, new ingredients were added through the QCRG draft. Returning to the Sauce is veteran Vile Love It.  Vile was originally drafted to the Saucies in 2011, transferred to the Dollies in 2012 and has returned to skating after coaching the Queens Court and Subzero Sirens (who she continues to coach). Celery StalkHer also joins the team this season. She brings a ton of seasoning with her, including 5 seasons on the Lake Effect Furies, 3 on the Alley Kats, and 3 on the Devil Dollies. Celery has also skated for the Subzero Sirens since 2016. Rookies Mon Cherry (previously with the Buffalo Herd) and sePANIC Attack round out the 2017 roster.

Photo by C.K. Photographic Systems

Returning to the jam line this year are Rosi and Sigourney Cleaver, both of whom skate for the 2017 Subzero Sirens. When these two started on the line last year, they were able claim lead jam 51.7% of the time which ranked them 4th and 5th in the league for jammers who played 60 or more jams. Joining them in the jammer rotation are Chet UpStand Up and Vile Love It.  We may even see Celery Stalk-Her donning the star from time to time.  TeKill’ya Sunrise will also return to the team (likely as a jammer) when she gets back from maternity leave in early 2017.  

The team’s blocking core is bookended by Co-Captains Beatrix Boom and Fresh’Slaughter Pearl.  Filling between them are HerHeiny Granger (also a Subzero Siren), Wailing Wench, Celery StalkHer, SkarPinski, Poisonous Peaches, Cuban Mistress Crisis, and Joyride.

“I’m really excited for the opportunity to coach the Saucies this season. Coaching has been something I’ve had a lot of interest in doing but never stepped up until now,” said Head Coach Blackrock Bruiser. “We’re all working together quite well and being well received by the team has made my job that much easier! The team is hungry for knowledge and they’ve been very receptive to the skills and strategies we’re looking to implement this season. We’ve held onto a good core of the team but we’re all starting at square one together. We’re all learning about each other and we’re all looking to succeed and really come together this season.”

The Saucies kick off their 2017 quest for the QCRG Cup on Saturday, February 4th at 2pm against the defending champions, the Devil Dollies at the Buffalo Riverworks. This will be a game that you will not want to miss, so buy your tickets and join QCRG at Riverworks to support the Saucies’ campaign to claim and raise the 2017 QCRG cup!

Photo by Jim Bush
Photo by Jim Bush