2017 Subzero Sirens Preview

Last year the Queen City Roller Girls introduced their newest travel team: the Subzero Sirens who will kick off their 2017 season in a game against the Roc City B Sides on Friday, January 27th at 7 p.m. at Buffalo Riverworks.

The Sirens are QCRG’s skaters-in-training for the Lake Effect Furies. “Our ultimate goal is to train skaters who would be able to move up into the Furies roster,” said Lake Effect Furies Co-Captain Librawlian and Co-Coach of the Sirens.

Photo by CK Photographic Systems

In years past, the Furies included skaters who were considered part of a practice squad.  Sometimes those skaters played against other B teams and last year it was decided that QCRG needed a dedicated B team and the Subzero Sirens were born.

Librawlian brings her extensive experience coaching college hockey as well as spending the last four years with the Lake Effect Furies as they continuously rose in the ranks of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA). The Furies, QCRG’s charter team, currently sits at 27th in the world and has attended back to back Division 1 Playoffs.  Vile Love It enters her 6th season with the league and has spent the last 3 years coaching the Queen’s Court (skaters who are first learning derby) and an additional year coaching the Devil Dollies.

A solid core of skaters are returning for their second year with the Sirens including this year’s Co-Captain May Bringdowndahaus.  May is from St. Catharine’s, Ontario, and is just one of many Canadians who have made QCRG their home. QCRG is one of the few WFTDA leagues which includes skaters from two different countries.

Photo by CK Photographic Systems

Rosi, who skated with the Lake Effect Furies and the Suicidal Saucies last season (remains on the Saucies this season) will Co-Captain with May.

While the far majority of Lake Effect Furies have focused their attention on the team’s ascension in the WFTDA ranks, most of the Siren skaters also bolster the home team rosters.

Nic Nugget, SlamUWell Jackson, and jammer McCreadie skate for the Devil Dollies.  Her Heiny Granger, Chet UpStandUp and Celery StalkHer skate for the Suicidal Saucies. Veggy Cowgirl, a graduate of the junior program, skates for the Alley Kats. Wrecks Kitten continues on the roster this year as well, dedicating her time to the Sirens only.

Photo by CK Photographic Systems

Over the summer the Sirens took on rookie Bilbo Bruisin’ who skates for the Alley Kats, Toronto Roller Derby transfer Emma Dilemma, and returning QCRG veteran Bear.

The newest skaters to join the Sirens for the 2017 season are two more Canadians:  Clarice the SilenceHer and Necromatrix. Both bring 4 and 2 years experience respectively along with their Nexus cards. Knot Nice is going into her 5th season with QCRG and skates on the Alley Kats with Necromatrix and Veggy Cowgirl.  She-Hulk, a transfer from Western Massachusetts Roller Derby brings 3 years of experience with her. Sigourney Cleaver (also on the Saucies), and 2 Devil Dollies – rookie Onyx Overkill, and Silver A. Sassin, a transfer from the Finger Lakes Lunachicks having 5 years of experience – round out the roster of 20 skaters.

The team has a daunting schedule this season and will play more games than any other QCRG team. Included on the schedule are three doubleheader games. The Sirens will play after the Lake Effect Furies on April 22, May 6 and May 20. Game time will be about 9:30 p.m.  The Furies will play at 7 p.m.  

                                          Sirens Schedule

March 3 Home Greater Toronto Area Roller Derby
March 18 Away Roc City B Sides
April 22 Home Doubleheader      Steel Beamers (Pittsburgh, PA)
May 6 Home Doubleheader The Boston Common
May 20 Home Doubleheader Ohio Gang Green
June 3 Away Montreal Sexpos
June 11 Home Hammer City Harlots (Hamilton, Ontario)
July 15 Away Forest City Roller Derby (London, Ontario)
August 5 Away Ann Arbor Brawlstars (Ann Arbor, MI)
August 12       Away Royal City Rum Rollers (Guelph, Ontario)