2017 Devil Dollies Preview

The Devil Dollies are back and determined to reaffirm their title as QCRG Cup Champions against the Alley Kats at the 2017 season opener on Friday, January 20, at 7 p.m at Buffalo Riverworks. This rematch is reminiscent of their head to head battle in the June 2016 championship game, when the Dollies claimed the cup with a 1 point last jam win. With a mix of new and returning skaters, the 2017 Devil Dollies have their eye set on the prize and will stop at nothing to secure a second QCRG Cup.

Last year’s coaches Señor Wiener, Librawlian and IvanaLeiHerOut are no longer with the Dollies and the team has taken on a new coaching staff in 2017. They will be led by head coach Mr. Murph, who was QCRG’s head of PR last season. Mr. Murph will be assisted by two members of the Lake Effect Furies: Murphy and Bricks Hit-house. While the absence of Wiener, Brawl and Ivana will surely be felt, the collective experience and knowledge of the new coaching staff will provide the team with solid leadership and direction for the season.

Photo by Rene van Ee
Photo by Rene van Ee
The 2017 Dollies roster boasts an abundance of fresh new faces, but they’re no stranger to taking on transfer and rookie talent. Similar to the 2016 draft, they’ve once again drafted the most new players (7) of any of the home teams. Mortu Mary and Onyx Overkill (whose first season will be spent playing on the Dollies and the Sirens) began training in Queens Court in 2016, while Hannibrawl CheckedHer started her derby career in 2014 and has made the jump to the house league this year.

Tweedle Dee is a blocker who transferred from the Niagara Roller Girls travel team. Silver A. Sassin, a blocker who transferred from the Finger Lakes Lunachicks, has been playing roller derby since 2011 and will double as a Siren this season. Rachel Tension began skating with QCRG in 2008. She has been a member of the Alley Kats (both as skater and coach), Queens Court, and also dons the stripes as a member of the Herd. Sweeney Quad, a skater transferring in from the Columbian Central Derby league with four years of experience under her belt, will help round out the Dollies’ jammer rotation.

Photo by Jim Bush
Photo by Jim Bush
The team’s blocking core will be anchored by two veteran skaters, Dollies Captain Chickadeemolish who also skates with the Lake Effect Furies, and Lip Service, who is in her 8th season with QCRG. Both bring skill, strategy and calm direction on the track. Assistant Captain Nic Nugget is another versatile player who is an asset to the team both on and off the track. Rounding out the veteran crew are Bully Holiday, Cinister, May Bringdowndahaus, and McCreadie (May and McCreadie also play with the Subzero Sirens).

With the loss of jammers Double Barryl, Jules Burn and Raspoutine this season, the Dollies may have to get creative with their jammer rotation. SlamUwell Jackson (another Subzero Siren skater) will be transitioning from her previous role as a blocker to jammer. There may be more surprises in store, as other skaters will have to step up to wear the star.

The Devil Dollies have their sights set on the 2017 QCRG cup. “Our biggest goal is to defend our title and earn another championship,” said Murphy. “We are working hard on improving our on-track communication to build a calm and effective defensive unit… With less penalties”

The narrative of the 2017 Dollies seems reminiscent of their 2016 season. With seven draftees, the Dollies will need to work hard to incorporate their new skaters and work cohesively as a team. This was their task last year, and they succeeded at turning a team of rookies into league champions. Can they do it again? Or will their title as reigning champs be seized by the Saucies or Kats? The Dollies fell to the Alley Kats in their first game of the season 171-233 but will be back in action against the Suicidal Saucies on February 4 at 7 p.m.