Western New York's Official Women's Flat Track Roller Derby

2017 Subzero Sirens

Photo by Jim Bush

The Subzero Sirens are back this year for their second season as QCRG’s B level travel team. These skaters are honing their skills in the hopes of moving up to a roster spot on the Lake Effect Furies which means you’ll see high skill level, advanced strategies, and an intense love of the game. These skaters come from all of the home teams as well as a few that have dedicated themselves to the Subzero Sirens only. You won’t see red, purple and pink on this team; they run silver through and through.

Coached by Lake Effect Furies captain Librawlian and Vile Love It, this team is ready to skate hard against the areas’ B teams. Their 2017 season will prove exciting and includes bouts against Roc City (Rochester), Greater Toronto Area Rollergirls, Ohio, Steel City (Pittsburgh, PA), Boston and Hammer City (Hamilton, Ontario).

Much of the solid squad from last year’s inaugural season have returned, including: Nic Nugget, Celery StalkHer, Chet UpStandUp, Her Heiny Granger, May Bringdowndahaus, McCreadie, SlamUwell Jackson, Veggy Cowgirl, and Wrecks Kitten. Some skaters joined during a 2016 mid-summer season draft and have returned for the 2017 season.  They are Bear, Emma Dilemma, and Bilbo Bruisins. Newly drafted skaters are: Clarice the SilenceHer, Knot Nice, She-Hulk, Necromatrix, Onyx Overkill, Silver A.Sassin and Sigourney Cleaver. Rosi, a member of the Lake Effect Furies, also skates with the Sirens.

Team Roster

# Name Position Exp Height Hometown
320 Bear Blocker 4 5-4 Buffalo, NY
518 Bilbo Bruisins Jammer/Pivot R 5-3 Malone, NY
64 Celery STALK-Her Jammer/Pivot 7 5-7 Buffalo, NY
412 Chet UpStandUp Jammer 1 5-6 Buffalo, NY
17 Clarice the SilenceHer Blocker 4 5-7 Grimsby, ON
716 Emma Dilemma Pivot/Blocker 6 5-1 Amherst, NY
310 HerHeiny Granger Pivot/Blocker 7 5-3 North Tonawanda, NY
9193 Knot Nice Blocker 6 5-7 North Tonawanda, NY
138 May Bringdowndahaus + Blocker 4 5-5 St. Catherines, ON
905 McCREADIE Jammer 4 5-5 Grimsby, ON
462 Necromatrix Jammer 3 5-6 Thorold, ON
4 NicNugget Jammer/Blocker 2 5-5 Minneapolis, MN
7 Onyx Overkill Pivot/Blocker R 5-3 Buffalo, NY
13 Rosi + Jammer/Pivot 1 5-3 Niagara Falls, NY
1014 She-Hulk Pivot/Blocker 4 5-4 Jamestown, NY
91 Sigourney Cleaver Jammer 1 5-3 Greenport, NY
86u Silver A. Sassin Blocker 5 5-6 North Tonawanda, NY
8 SlamUwell Jackson Jammer/Blocker 2 5-4 New York
027 Veggy Cowgirl Pivot/Blocker 6 5-6 Buffalo, NY
73 Wrecks Kitten Pivot/Blocker 7 5-2 Hamburg, NY
Librawlian * 4 Colorado Springs, CO
Vile Love It * 6 Fayetteville, NY

* Coach, + Co-Captain