Queen’s Court

The Queens Court is a group of skaters comprised of the lords and ladies in waiting, waiting to be drafted to a team that is! After the season begins, skaters that wish to join the QCRG are placed in the Queens Court to hone their skills and prepare for the next draft. The Court has its own private practice where skaters learn all of the skills they’ll need to become a Queen City Roller Girl, with specialized training from experienced derby veterans.

Although not on a roster, Queen’s Court skaters are full QCRG members and are an important part of the volunteer effort that makes our league great. Additionally, they occasionally bout as a team, ‘rookie’ events like The Fresh and the Furious tournament in Toronto.

Details on recruitment and how to join the Queen’s Court (and QCRG in general) can be found at our recruitment page.

Interested in practicing with the Queens Court? Please contact our Training Committee at training@qcrg.net.