Bricks Hit-house #1027

Photo by Jim Bush
Team History
2012-2014: Pacific Roller Derby (Oahu, Hawai'i) South Shore Sirens (Home) & Hulagans (Travel)
2014-Present: Lake Effect Furies
San Antonio, TX
Day Job
Physical Therapist Assistant
Derby Debut
Why Derby?
When I moved to Hawaii in 2011 after I got out of the service, I knew I needed to make some friends or I wasn't gonna make it. (Ya see, i'm a pretty social person)So I joined the local freshmeat camp and met some amazing sisters that I love dearly!! I been making new friends and kickin' life's ass ever since :).
League Role
Defensive Coach for Devil Dollies and Furies Training Rep
League Honors
Best Blocker (2017)
Furies MVP Blocker (2016)
Athletic Background
Nope never played any sports...cuz, well, running is just the worst and most organized sports involve running. 😎 I was in the Army for a while in my 20s though, does that count?
Chiccharrones, frienship, hi fives, and Bbq brisket. Also finding new uses for everyday ordinary objects. Like, go crazy!! Go head and use that garbage can as a swimming pool!
Politics, passive agressivism, and excuses.
Mermaid...for sure. :)