Lake Effect Furies

Furies/Sirens Mashup, 2/18/24 | Photo by Rene van Ee
Furies/Sirens Mashup, 2/18/24 | Photo by Rene van Ee

Formed in 2008 as the Queen City Roller Girls All-Stars, our travel team, the Lake Effect Furies, plays in games sanctioned by the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association – an international organization formed from over 300 member leagues. The Furies draw their players from the absolute best that Queen City Roller Derby has to offer, and play at the highest level of competition our sport has to offer.

2024 Furies & Sirens Roster

Artuso #011
Artuso joins the Furies from Royal City Roller Derby (Guelph, ON) and also skated as developmental blocker for Team Canada in 2018
C-Floor #44
C-Floor joined QCRD in 2021, was our 2022 Rookie of the Year, and also skates for the Alley Kats
Chickadeemolish #505
A longtime member of the Furies, Chick has also skated for Team Philippines at the 2018 World Cup
Cooper #934 (Co-Captain)
Coop started skating in 2010 and came to QCRD from Niagara in 2019 - is also a member of our Buffalo Herd and our Interleague Coordinator
Criddy #88
Criddy has experience with several teams across Ontario and is also a skater for Toronto Men's Roller Derby and Coach for the Alley Kats
Darth Mali #2002
Mali also skates for the Saucies and came up through our Juniors program
Em Munition #16
Getting her start with State College Area Roller Derby in 2010, Em also skates for the Alley Kats and as a referee for the Buffalo Herd
Gorschach #8055
In addition to skating, Gor brings their experience to the Buffalo Herd as a NSO
hoRAGEio #709
Rage also skates for the Devil Dollies and was our Rookie of the Year in 2023
Jes Ghosen #198 (Co-Captain)
Another longtime Furies veteran (since 2013), Jes is also a member of Indigenous Rising Roller Derby
K Buddy #14
K Buddy led the Alley Kats in jams skated in 2024
Killin M. Smalls #77
Smalls is also Co-Captain of the Saucies.
Krakken #19
Krraken joined Queen City in 2019 and also skates for the Saucies
Little Bit #324
Little Bit is one of several Junior Program veterans on our travel teams and also skates for the Devil Dollies
Locked & Loaded #009
Locked & Loaded joins us from Nickel City Renegade Roller Derby where she had skated for 9 years
Low-Hits Griffin #153
Furies veteran going back to 2012, Griff has held various roles with our league as a skater and coach
M.I.A. #710
M.I.A. is a graduate of our Juniors Program and a coach for the Saucies
Mini Fridge #50
After starting derby in 2014 with Central Michigan Mayhem, Mini joined Queen City in 2021 and is also a Saucies Co-Captain
Mouth #013
Mouth got her start with Columbia Roller Derby in 2016 before joining Queen City in 2019, she also skates for the Devil Dollies
Necromatrix #462
Necro transferred to Queen City from various Ontario leagues in 2017 and is a longtime coach for the Queen's Court & Boot Camp program
Preying ManTease #639
Preying Mantease joins the Furies from Royal City (Guelph, ON) whom she skated for in the 2018 WFTDA Continental Cup
Rainbow Brat #23
Rainbow started skating with the Barrie Brat Junior program in Barrie, ON in 2013 and joins Queen City this year from Niagara
Rander #21
Rander joins the Furies from Roc City (Rochester, NY)
Ratchety Andi #8008
Andi has held a variety of roles in QCRD and also skates for the Devil Dollies
Second Breakfast #721
'Brekkie' also plays for the Devil Dollies and joined QCRD in 2020
Shady #08
Like Rander, Shady is also a veteran of Roc City Roller Derby (Rochester, NY)
She-Devil #063
A graduate of our Juniors program, She-Devil started skating with the Furies in 2020 and holds the home league records for points scored in a game (170) and season (805)
Sin #666
Sin has skated with the Furies since 2013 and has held various coaching roles with our home teams and our Juniors program
Smurf-a-licious #2
A founding member of Niagara Roller Derby, Smurf brings her experience to the Sirens this season
Suzannascorus Rex #241
'Suz' joined QCRD in 2020 and has also skated for the Nickel City Renegades and as a skater/coach for the Alley Kats
Tabrina Schreier #52 (Co-Captain)
An original member of QCRD dating back to our founding in 2006 and our travel program (when it began as Team QCRG in 2008), 'T's #52 was retired in 2017 until she un-retired it in 2019
The Hammer #18
The Hammer joined the Furies immediately upon graduating from our Junior Program in 2020 and was our MVP Blocker in 2023
Ubebee #718
Ube has skated for every QCRD home and travel team since coming up through our Boot Camp in 2017 and has also skated for Team Philippines

2024 Furies & Sirens Coaching Staff

An experienced official for several leagues with WFTDA Tournament experience, Cleveland is making his coaching debut with the Furies this season
Coach Andy
Andy has been coaching with the Furies and throughout Queen City since 2010
Coach Ryan
Ryan has held a variety of coaching roles since joining with Ubebee in 2018
After starting as a referee with the Herd in 2010, Heiny has skated for the Furies, Sirens, Dollies and Saucies and coached the Kats in 2019
Nicky Needles
A longtime referee with the Buffalo Herd, Nicky is making her coaching debut this year

As a WFTDA League, the Furies goal each year is to work their way up the WFTDA North America Northeast rankings through WFTDA Sanctioned games with the eye on qualifying for the annual Regional Championships. The top teams from Regionals then qualify for the annual WFTDA Global Championships.

Furies Season History
Season WFTDA Other Notes
2023-24 3-6 Regional Champs State College (8 Seed): 1-2
WFDTA NA-Northeast Rank: 8th
2022-23 0-1 3-5 WFTDA NA-Northeast Rank: 17th
2021-22 No Activity (Covid-19)
2020-21 No Activity (Covid-19)
2019-20 No Activity (Covid-19)
2018-19 2-5 5-0 D1 Playoffs Seattle (11 Seed): 1-1
WFTDA Global Rank: 23rd
2017-18 4-6 2-0 D1 Playoffs Atlanta (10 Seed): 0-2
WFTDA Global Rank: 26th
2016-17 6-2 0-1 D1 Playoffs Dallas (6 Seed): 2-1
WFTDA Global Rank: 18th
2015-16 12-2 0-1 D1 Playoffs Vancouver (6th Place / 9 Seed): 2-2
WFTDA Global Rank: 27th
2014-15 6-6 0-1 D1 Playoffs Omaha (8th Place / 9 Seed): 1-3
WFTDA Global Rank: 44th
2013-14 7-4 D2 Playoffs Kitchener-Waterloo (5th Place / 2 Seed): 2-1
WFTDA Global Rank: 35th
2012-13 7-8 D2 Playoffs Kalamazoo (9th Place / 6 Seed): 1-2
WFTDA Global Rank: 54th
2011-12 7-7 1-0 WFTDA East Rank: 13th
2010-11 7-5 4-1 WFTDA East Rank: 15th
2009-10 8-1 WFTDA Apprentice League