Vile Love It

Photo by Chris Kalisiak
Team History
2011: Queens Court
2012, 2016-Present: Suicidal Saucies
2013-14: Devil Dollies
2013-14: Lake Effect Furies
2015: Devil Dollies (Coaching)
2015-2016: Queen's Court (Coaching)
2015-Present: Subzero Sirens (Coaching)
Fayetteville, NY
Day Job
Social Worker
Derby Debut
Why Derby?
I've skated since I was five. Know those "antique" metal strap-on skates? Yep, those were my first pair. I never loved any sport like I loved to roller skate. After several years of a mediocre figure skater on quads I found roller derby where you didn't need so much grace. I fell in love with the physicality, sweat and the camaraderie.
League Role
Sirens & Court Coach
Interim PR Chair
Insurance Rep
League Honors
Chairperson's Award (2017)
Athletic Background
Roller figure skater as a teen and young adult
Forgetting to field a jammer
A border collie