Threat Level Midnight

Non-Skating Official
Photo by Chris Kalisiak
Team History
2019-Present: Buffalo Herd
2020-Present: Saucies
2019: Queen’s Court
Romulus, NY
Day Job
Domestic Engineer, Director of Child Development
Derby Debut
Why Derby?
A friend of mine in VA joined her local derby league, and I thought she was crazy. She has two kids and is a stay at home mom like I am, and it seemed to come out of left field. When she started posting pictures and videos of her progress, her new friends, and how much fun she was having, I thought maybe I should check it out, too. I went to the QCRG 2018 playoff game alone to see if I could picture myself playing. During the game, a skater was badly injured, and I remember thinking “I hope she’s okay!… I still think I can do this.” I joined boot camp a few months later.
League Role
Social Media Manager, Herd Board Rep
Athletic Background
5 years HS varsity cheerleading, 3 years HS JV/varsity soccer, 1 year HS varsity track
Netflix marathons, hedgehogs, face masks, pineapple on pizza
cherries, parades, wearing socks to bed, waking up early
Veronica Mars