Rachel Tension

Photo by Chris Kalisiak
Team History
2008-12: Alley Kats
2014-2016: Queen’s Court
2015-Present: Buffalo Herd
2016-Present: Devil Dollies
Buffalo N.Y.
Day Job
Admin Assistant / World Traveler
Derby Debut
Why Derby?
Came to see a friend of a friend play. I use to say I was going to play when I was little and it can on after cartoons and wrestling so of course I signed up that day.
League Role
Advisor to the Chair
League Honors
Buffalo Herd: Most Valuable Skater Ref (2017)
The color yellow, gemstones, glitter, flowers on my desk at work, a hug from someone that means it….I could go on all day so I’ll stop
One ply toilet paper, having to repeat myself more than twice, cheese, bad attitudes
I’m my own Patronus…