Maulbright Knocks

Non-Skating Official
Team History
2012-2015: Queen's Court
2013-2016, 2018-Present: Buffalo Herd
Buffalo, NY
Day Job
Phone Servant to Healthcare Recipients / Tutor
Derby Debut
Why Derby?
A friend from college invited me to a small house party with her fellow Kats. I was impressed by the girls' confidence and warped sense of humor. They shared both the thrills and challenges that come with derby (while drunk, which made their explanations even better), and it sounded awesome. A couple years later I decided to give it a try.
Athletic Background
1 Year Martial Arts
5 Years Dancing (Tap & Jazz)
Writing, photography, Radiohead, cute animals, purses
Broken plumbing, people who smack their mouths, things that are uncomfortable