Buffalo Herd

Members of the 2024 Buffalo Herd | Photo by Rene van Ee
Members of the 2024 Buffalo Herd | Photo by Rene van Ee

Our officials, the Buffalo Herd, help ensure our games are played safely and officiated clearly, and we are always on the look out for any guy or gal who is interested in helping us meet this goal, whether they want to be on skates or not! Learn more about joining here!

Our biggest thanks to everyone in the Buffalo Herd (and friends of the Herd, visiting from other Leagues) for helping to make our games possible!

Skating Officials helping us in 2024 include (but are not limited to) AK, Apex Detonator, Behold! Stripey Horse, Box Cutta, Cassadee Dope, Chickadetention, Cleveland, Cooper*, Dread Hochuli, Em Munition, Goat, Graceful Gazelle, Heiny, Hockey Stripes, Kylau Ren*, Nama Slay, Nicky Needles*, Oryx N Break, Queenie, Rachel Tension, Ratched, She-Wolf, and Ubebee.

Non-Skating Officials that have helped out include (but are not limited to) Bamzoni, Belle of the Brawl, Candyman, Chickadeetention, Darth Mali, Fergavicious, Giant Boy Detective, Gorschach, Grace Lightning, Grass Hoppa, hoRAGEio, Hot Damsel, Hot Mess Jess, Just Jason, K Buddy, Knight, Necromatrix, Penny Dreadful, Pepper Fox, Pheonix, Phobia Bridgers, Phoenix, Ratchety Andi, Rika, Roly Poly, Static Pressure, Statman, Trueman M, Viola D Rolla, VooDoo, Voodoo Child*, and Wee Baby Dreadly.

* Herd Leadership