Western New York's Official Women's Flat Track Roller Derby

2017 Alley Kats

2017 Alley Kats
2017 Alley Kats
 The 2016 Alley Kats are sponsored by the Niagara Frontier Veterinary Society

The 2016 Alley Kats are sponsored by the Niagara Frontier Veterinary Society

In 2008, the Queen City Roller Girls welcomed their newest team – the Alley Kats – into the fold. Fans of Buffalo sports will feel right at home rooting for the Kats, who some call the underdo-, er, underkats, of the Queen City. In 2010, the hardworking women in purple nearly took home a championship, but fell wide right by a whisker. Shortly after that, the herd of Kats scattered, leaving the team without many key players. Transfers and injuries have plagued them in years since. But there’s no rush: these women prefer the cat-and-mouse game of strategy, patience, and razor-sharp wits. Slow and steady, they say, will shred the competition.

After the 2013 season, former QCRG head ref Shock-Her hung up his stripes and signed on as Alley Kats head coach. Shock-Her has more than six years of experience on the track and plenty of insight to offer his team. The Kats have their eyes set on the sweet saucer of milk that has eluded them for so long: the QCRG cup.

Team Roster

# Name Position Exp Height Hometown
295 1/2 Pint Destroy-Her Jammer/Pivot/Blocker 5 5-1 Hinsdale, NY
621 Bang GRRrang Jammer 4 4-11 Buffalo, NY
518 Bilbo Bruisins Jammer/Pivot R 5-3 Malone, NY
87 Evil-Lyn Cognito Jammer 7 5-3 Buffalo, NY
3 Ferga-vicious Blocker R 5-5 Marilla, NY
100 Flocking Girl Scout + Blocker 6 5-1 Niagara Falls, NY
83 Karsmashian Jammer/Blocker 3 5-0 Niagara Falls, NY
9193 Knot Nice Blocker 6 5-7 North Tonawanda, NY
1759 Marci Beaucoup Pivot/Blocker 4 5-5 Clarence, NY
462 Necromatrix Jammer 3 5-6 Thorold, ON
369 PaulverizHer ++ Blocker 3 5-2 Buffalo, NY
314 Sara Lee Blocker 2 5-5 Port Colbourne, ON
128 Sham Rocks Blocker 3 5-1 Queens, NY
29 Toxic Shocker Blocker 3 5-2 Fairport, NY
027 Veggy Cowgirl Pivot/Blocker 6 5-6 Buffalo, NY
123 YuNita Bakhoff Blocker 4 5-11 Buffalo, NY
Shock-Her * 8 Tonawanda, NY
Arti Choker ** 4 Syracuse, NY
La’Batt Bruise ** 5 Lancaster, NY

* Head Coach, ** Assistant Coaches, + Captain, ++ Asst. Captain