Featured Skater: Vanilla Creamz #234

QCRG’s next featured skater is the Devil Dollies’ very own Vanilla Creamz! This woman was born to be on quad skates. The strength and fluidity behind her stride makes her a true powerhouse on the track. With a strong athletic background and hunger for competition, this skater is an important asset to the Dollies’ squad. Here is what Vanilla had to say about her derby experience.


When did you join roller derby and how did you hear about it? 
I grew up at Rainbow Roller Rink, and when the league had started I was intrigued. I watched all of the bouts the first year and thought, “I need to do this!” I’m in my 6th season!


Photo by Bridget Kelly
Photo by Bridget Kelly

Had you played other sports previously? 
I started playing softball when I was 7 in a rec league, then played for my school starting in 7th grade. I’ve played on many travel teams over the years. I played 2 years at NCCC and still play on a few bar leagues in the summer. I also played soccer in high school and recently in some rec leagues.


How did you come up with your derby name? 
After several weeks of throwing around the most random ideas, my good friend Lip Service named me!


What’s your favorite part about being a skater/member of QCRG?
The opportunity to meet, skate, and spend time with a diverse group of amazing women. (And all of the derby widows that come with them!)


Photo by Jim Bush
Photo by Jim Bush

How do you train outside of the rink? 
I spend at least 3 days per week in the gym doing strength training and cardio workouts.


How do you feel your participation in derby has changed or affected your life?  
I’ve always had a passion for skating. Roller derby brought my skating to the next level. At the end of my games I feel like I’ve accomplished something. I skate off the track feeling complete. It’s the perfect mix for my athletic desires and competitive edge.
What skates and wheels do you have? 
I currently skate in the Riedell 911 boot with Laser plates and Poison wheels. I swap out with the Atom G-rods.


What’s your favorite league or team event of the year? 
Bout day! Each and every one!


What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about joining roller derby? 
Absolutely go for it. There are so many positive attributes!