Featured Skater: Molly Malign #72

Our March featured skater comes from the Devil Dollies. She’s a regular anthem singer and a set of fresh legs here in the league. But she’s has wasted no time getting involved and making a lasting impression on us all. Say hello to #72 Molly Malign.

You’re originally from Syracuse. What brings you to Buffalo?

Well, I have a BA in Psychology. I also went to school at SUNY Fredonia for Speech Pathology. I graduated, broke up with my then boyfriend and lost the job I had while I was in college all within a few months of each other. At that time Buffalo was where the jobs were so I moved here and like most other people I ended up not working in either field that I have a degrees in.

How did you hear about roller derby and the QCRG?

Partially through Facebook. One of my friends from when I lived in Fredonia follows the QCRG page and they kept popping up on my news feeds. Also I did Irish dance for over 20 years. While I was suffering from an injury from dancing I was looking up information on training. I came across a roller derby blog on cross training. I was like wow this looks really amazing and might be pretty cool! And then of course, I saw Whip It. I like to joke with people and tell them that Irish dance was too hard on my body to I took up roller derby.

Credit: Jim Bush

How was Boot Camp and the learning process for you?

It was a good experience for me. It was and it wasn’t difficult at the same time. There were certain things that I was good with like crossovers and my stride. I had taken figure skating before and was able to use some of what I learned on ice skates for derby. Like I knew you had to push at kind of a 45 degree angle to the sides as opposed to just shuffling your feet. But stopping was a huge challenge for me. I bought my skates a while before boot camp. It was a least a month before someone at an open skate showed me how to do a T stop. Also hitting, I’m still having a little bit of a hard time with that. Aside from playing street hockey with my friends I’ve never had to hit anyone like that. But we all have things we want to work on and get better at.

Who would you consider to be your derby inspiration?

So I get my derby fashion from Vicious Van GoGo of Gotham Girls Roller Derby. I’ve always loved the bandana she wears around her neck and I always just feel better when I go into a game wearing my kerchief. It’s like a stupid mental thing but I love it. As far as actual skating this might sound a little silly but LiBrawlian is like my idol as far as skating goes. She’s always low, in control and is great at communicating with her teammates. I feel like there is a lot I could learn from her (being that we’re relatively the same size) when it comes to using my size and leverage to be a very effective player.

What kind of off skates training do you do?

I actually have a full week long regimen for the gym with a couple different workouts. I’ve got upper body day, a core day and a leg day. On my leg “rest” days I do kickboxing on a heavy bag. I like to do yoga sometimes at home and I also have shimmy belly dance videos. They get you a little bit of fitness and they are super fun.

What do you think is your greatest asset on the track?

People underestimate me. That’s why I’ve always liked Vile Love-It’s idea of being the gnat. Being that little person out there that’s just constantly attacking, attacking, attacking and they just don’t realize how not only fierce but irritating that can be.

As a new skater have you developed a pre bout ritual?

My first bout I freaked out so hard. Poisonous Peaches had to comfort me in the bathroom because I had a complete panic attack. I had a meltdown. So now I usually listen to somewhat energetic but not frenetic music in the car while driving to Riverworks. While I’m there I just try to remain calm and focused not only before the bout but during it as well. Like I don’t watch the game anymore when I have to play. It just gets me too hyped up and anxious. I actually have a mantra that I stole from Lip Service “low, slow, controlled, together”. I visualize each one of those things as I say them. What I look like when I’m low, when I’m slowing jammer down and holder her, when I’m working together and communicating with my team. It seems to have worked well so far.

What do you think is your greatest accomplishment?

In derby I would have to say it was making it onto the Subzero Sirens. I really didn’t think I’d make it but I still wanted to at least try. There were so many vets and I’m just a first year skater. But I went in, did my best and I guess the coaches saw something in me.

Credit: Jim Bush