Featured Skater: Ivana LeiHerOut #240

When did you join roller derby and how did you hear about it?

I joined QCRG in August of 2010. I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into at the time but boy am I happy I did! A manager of mine at work had brought it up that she wanted to try out, and naturally I was intrigued enough to find out more. She ended up not joining, but I did and the rest is history.

Had you played other sports previously?

I’ve played a few other sports in an organized fashion. They included soccer, swimming, and track and field. Soccer was my favorite and most played until I joined roller derby.

Photo by Chris Kalisiak
Photo by Chris Kalisiak
How did you come up with your derby name?

Derby names are not as easy to come up with as one would think. There were many many names my friends and I came up with before I settled with Ivana LeiHerOut. It was a cool September night when the name came to me after staring at the list of names for hours and hours. It could’ve been that I was too tired to think of any others, or the deadline to pick a name was fast approaching. Either way it’s the only one that felt just right.

What’s your favorite part about being a skater/member of QCRG?

One of my favorite parts of QCRG is the family-like relationships we’ve all developed. No matter what happens on the track or off, if one of our league mates needs you, you’re there. It’s a very close group of people from different walks of life that are here to have fun, let off some steam, and get better at this sport we’ve all come to love. The camaraderie is unlike any other sport I’ve played, and it’s amazing.

Photo by Andy Foremiak
Photo by Andy Foremiak
How do you train outside of the rink?

Off skates I do a variety of workouts to keep myself in shape. Some include strength training, stairs and cardio. I try to mix it up as much as possible to keep it interesting and fun.

How do you feel your participation has changed or affected your life?

Roller derby has been a life changing experience. Not only have I learned how to skate, after growing up on roller blades, I’ve developed friendships that I will have for the rest of my life. Roller derby gives you pride, it empowers you and makes you not only feel like you can do anything but the ability to push yourself to do anything. It’s an astonishing feeling that warms the soul.

Photo by Bridget Kelly
Photo by Bridget Kelly
What leadership roles have you held over the years and how have they affected your relationship to the game and to your teammates?

I’ve been the Committee head of our Volunteer Committee for the past two years. That has been a rewarding and time-consuming endeavor. I love being able to give back to our community and help organizations in need.

I’m also one of the two co-captains of the Lake Effect Furies. It has been an honor to call myself that alongside fellow co-captain Head Huntress and our captain Tabrina Schreier. We have a great team filled with talent on and off the track. The leadership role is a good challenge that has helped shape me into a better player and person. My relationship with the game after becoming co-captain has been an experience. You can’t just think of yourself when you’re playing, every action you commit you also have to consider the team. Our common goals as teammates continue to strengthen, which makes me hungry for more.

What skates and wheels do you have?

My skates are the Riedell 265 boot with Revenge plates and Atom G Rod wheels. The combination works for me, so I’ve stuck with it the past couple years.

What’s your favorite league or team event of the year?

My favorite league event is our Annual Banquet. It’s a great time to spend with our league while honoring those that have earned awards and having a blast celebrating the past season.

~Mexicali Bruise