Featured Official: Shock-Her

Get to know the man behind the hand….

NAME: Shock-Her

POSITION(s): Head Referee, WFTDA Committee Chairman and Referee, chair of QCRG WFTDA committee, Assistant Chair of Bylaws Committee, Interim Head Referee for Enchanted Mountain Roller Girls

FAVORITE POSITION: Inside pack referee, front pack

ABOUT MY DERBY NAME: “If it has to be explained to you, you really don’t want to know what it means!!”

HOW DID YOU GET INVOLVED WITH THE LEAGUE: I was introduced to roller derby by HerAssHer (of the Lake Effect Furies and Devil Dollies) and Vile Side. At a summer yard party at my house HerAssHer said ” come on out to the roller derby Tuesday, you’re the personality we need to be a ref for us”. That was the summer of 2007.

HOW HAS DERBY CHANGED YOUR LIFE: “Let’s see…….Does the phrase EAT, SLEEP, DERBY have meaning to you. If you’re new to the league and it doesn’t, it soon will!!!!!!!! I would definitely say the friendships that have been built will always be remembered.”

WHAT DO YOUR FRIENDS THINK: “They think it’s awesome, the ones who really know me say, “yup that’s him to a tee”.”My daughter thinks it “cool” except for when her teachers went in a group to watch derby. The following week they kept talking to her about it, and she thought it was “creepy”.”

HOW HAS THE LEAGUE BECOMING WFTDA CHANGED REFEREEING: “Ever since that first road trip to Cleveland it’s been literally non-stop for what 2 years now. It has more than doubled my time commitment to the league, and I’ve loved every minute of it!! There is a bit of a higher standard involved in WFTDA and the expectation of reaching that standard from WFTDA. Personally, though I feel I started out that high from day one for all the skaters in this league, so no real change for me.”

by Westend Ripper