Featured Skater: Mini Fridge #50

Photo by Cat Thisus

This month’s featured skater is a transfer to Queen City Roller Derby who has certainly made quite the impression with her awesome jammer skills. Meet #50, Mini Fridge!

Mini started her derby career with Central Michigan Mayhem in 2014, then moved to Buffalo and joined QCRD in 2021. She was drafted to the Albright Knockouts for our shortened 2022 season, then drafted to the Saucies for the 2023 season. She has also made her debut on QCRD’s travel team, the Lake Effect Furies. Outside of derby, Mini enjoys camping and hiking, and definitely knows how to stay active with an assortment of other sports she plays in her spare time!

Where are you from?

Southeast Michigan

Photo by Emily Rewerts

What is your day job?

Healthcare Worker

How did you get involved in derby?

My twin sister joined a league and told me I should play. I went to my first practice and the rest is history!

What are some of your hobbies outside of derby?

Other sports (soccer, running, skiing, biking), reading, baking, camping, hiking, traveling, and horseback riding.  I owned and showed horses growing up and riding has long been one of my outlets.

Photo by Knoxious Photos


You really enjoy a lot of outdoor activities. Where are some of the best places you’ve traveled to go camping/hiking or traveled to in general?

The Boundary Waters in northern Minnesota is one of my all-time favorite places to be outdoors. I’ve done two paddling/camping trips there that have been incredible. Michigan’s upper peninsula is also an outdoor paradise, especially along the northern border. Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore has some beautiful areas for backpacking.

What is the significance of your derby name and number?

There’s a song about derby by Jim Croce with the line “She was built like a refrigerator with a head.” My brother heard that and said, “You’re not a fridge, you’re a mini fridge!” Given that I’m 5′ tall the nickname stuck. My favorite number is 5 but that was taken when I started playing so I went with 50 instead.

This season, you made it onto the Lake Effect Furies. What has your experience been like playing on a travel team?

Playing on such a highly-skilled team has been a blast. I’ve enjoyed getting to know my teammates and am learning so much about the game and how I can improve. Practices are intense, but I know I’m growing as a player and that progress is going to be fun to see.

Photo by Bob Cox

What is your favorite thing about jamming?

When skills I’ve been working on for months finally start clicking and I pull them off in a game.

Who is your favorite skater and why?

I love watching Loren Mutch’s jamming, but my all-time favorite skater is my identical twin Knocks who plays in Michigan.

Do you have any goals for yourself this season?

I want to improve my footwork and endurance. My biggest goal is to keep having fun with this sport.


Do you have any advice for new skaters?

Don’t give up! I had never roller skated before joining derby and I fell All. The. Time! (I’m still known for falling over during introductions or when skating around for high fives). Also, stop comparing yourself to others. Everyone progresses differently and beating yourself up for not being as good as your teammate doesn’t do you any favors.

– Interview by Thrash Bandicoot