Featured Skater: Addy Rawl #525

You may be surprised to see who we have picked as our skater of the month – but who better to honor than a skater who will be missed so very much? She is known within our league as an amazing athlete, a fierce competitor and the most humble person you will ever meet … this month we honor, Addy Rawl!

Addy initially joined our league in 2007 as a ref and spent the season learning the rules while improving her skating skills at every practice. After a brief leave of absence, she returned in 2009 – and when she did, she was even better than before and QCRG was able to welcome back a friend and a great competitor!

Her athletic background and sports orientation provided her new team, the Nickel City Knockouts, with a competitive advantage that the other teams took notice of. And she soon became a member of the Lake Effect Furies. Her drive, determination and thirst to learn all she could about every aspect of the sport of derby inspired others to work harder and strive for the same results. Her inspiration on and off the track is contagious – she is an amazing athlete and is always positive, energetic and encouraging to everyone. Those attributes not only served her well personally, but also all who have skated with her – both teammates and league-mates – because she makes everyone want to be the best they could be.

Addy Rawl
Farewell to Addy

Addy does all this while remaining incredibly humble, yet she just doesn’t seem to understand what all the fuss is about her. She doesn’t the let the awe and amazement that appears on others faces as they watch her skate affect or change her. Yet when you do watch her skate, it’s like watching water flow through a stream – fluid, maneuvering, sometimes aggressive but always controlled. It is an amazing site to see.

But there is another skill she’s known by to her teammates – one that she hones off the hardwoods … eating! It seems no one takes carb-loading as seriously as Addy! Those are skills she has definitely taken to an entirely new level!

And of course we have to mention how proud we are of her tryouts, commitment and achievement as part of Team USA!


Addy was named as an alternate to the first ever team representing our country at the first ever world cup held in 2011 in Toronto, Ontario. She truly is an inspiration to QCRG with her work ethic and will be severely missed. Both the KO and Furies bouts may be a little quieter without that familiar chant of “Addy Rawl! Addy Rawl!” from the always present Addy Fan Club – but we are all thankful for all the wonderful memories we have from watching 525 skate at Rainbow Rink and all the other rinks we’ve traveled to. But most of all we will miss that wonderful smile and our friend who has moved on to new adventures on new hardwoods but will forever remain in our hearts as a friend. Best of luck to you, Addy Rawl! We can’t wait to see what your next achievement will be!

Addy Rawl
We'll miss you Addy!