Featured Skater: Beatrix Boom #20

You don’t want to be caught face to face with this sassy-classy derby girl. This month’s Featured Skater has been a Suicidal Saucy since she was first drafted, Beatrix Boom, is this season’s team captain for the Saucies. Jammers shake in their boots when pitted against Beatrix Boom AKA B.B.. Her hard work and determination earned her last years Red Hot award for excellence on the track. When she’s not riding horses or going to school you can catch her draped in red and yellow and sporting the #20. She’ll be setting fire to the track, leaving Kats and Dollies in her wake, and mowing down any skater who dares to get in her way. Come out this season to see BB dominate as a committed and hardworking QCRG athlete. This skater is what? RED HOT!

Where are you from?

Photo by Jim Bush
Photo by Jim Bush

I’m from a lot of different places.  I’ve lived in Alaska, Connecticut, down state NY.  Locally, I live in Tonawanda.

How did you end up getting involved with QCRG?

I went to see a game and thought it was pretty cool.  I told my boyfriend at the time and he said that roller derby was beneath me.  Shortly after that we broke up and I joined Queens Court.

What do you do outside of roller derby?

Outside of roller derby I ride horses and I’m currently working on dressage.  I’m also a graduate student and getting my degree in Health Service Administration.  My other hobbies include hiking and ceramics.  

How long have you played roller derby?

I started in January 2011 and I got drafted to the Saucies in October 2011

What team(s) have you played for?

Just the Saucies

What other roles do you have in the league, such as being the Suicidal Saucies team captain this season?

I’ve had a lot of roles within the league.  I’ve been an NSO, Merch, Board Rep, Captain and I’m on the events committee

Photo by C.K. Photographic Systems
Photo by C.K. Photographic Systems

Do you have any goals for this season?

My goal for the season is to say flexible by doing yoga.  I feel this will help to prevent injuries and help my agility on the track.   

What’s your favorite thing about roller derby?

I like the physical and social aspects

If you had one piece of advice for someone considering to join a roller derby league what would it be?

Don’t be afraid to join and get good knee pads!


~ Interview by Chet UpStandup